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released June 14, 2013

Tracked, mixed, and mastered by Czuk Sujecki and Josh Freudenberg at Half Light Studios. Album artwork by Salvatore Nicosia



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Track Name: Look Straight, Route The Ground
(I) Envy the dead, they lie patiently
Waiting and waiting and waiting for the worms to do their job
While I trudge, steadily forward into the dark
Demons behind, vultures above, waiting for my pace to halt
They salivate at the thought of my tender flesh under their tongues
Insatiable hunger for blood, voracious craving for hearts
Wayward vagrant marching onward
Faithless pilgrim pushing forward
Aimless wanderer searching for a dead end road
Track Name: Dryrot
Razor thin, this skin is withering away
Withering, sharp tongues pierce the armor i have made
This disguise is ugly
Torn vocal chords and lazy eyes
They say sometimes you have to lie to find the truth
Track Name: Floorboards
You're standing alone in the dark hallways of your memories
Your house is burning down all around (you)
You notice nothing but the photos that you're holding, you don't remember taking
You don't remember faking that beautiful smile that you sold to me
Its burning down no ones around, you're stuck inside your fears
These are the dreams that will become your nightmares, these are the screams that will be heard as your prayers
Track Name: Seats Taken...Hellbound
Lay in the bed that you have made
Pray for mistakes to be okay, dont be afraid
Everyone you know has been withered away, away from you
There is nothing left, you are fucking dead
Those days are gone
You wont be forgotten, you wont be forgiven